The loss of one or more teeth can affect adjacent teeth, causing them to shift out of position and alter your bite. However, replacing your missing teeth can be an intimidating goal, and Riverview Family Dental can help. It is important to find a permanent solution that is both affordable and effective for your specific situation. Here are a few options for tooth replacement.

Dental implants: The most effective option for replacing a single tooth

When replacing one tooth for missing teeth, dental implants are often the most cost-effective option. A single dental implant costs less than one traditional three-unit fixed bridge, and the difference in cost is equal after seven years. And because dental implants are aesthetically pleasing, patients typically don’t have to worry about stains. The cost of dental implants is a small percentage of the total cost of replacing a missing tooth.

Among the many available tooth replacement options, dental implants are the most popular and natural-looking solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. The procedure is customized for each patient. The dentist will create a written treatment plan for you that outlines the procedures and their estimated timeframe. And since implants are custom-made for each patient, the process takes a little longer than other procedures.

Resin-retained bridges are a minimally invasive option

Resin-retained bridges are bonded to neighboring teeth, securing the new one in place. A resin-retained bridge is less invasive than other options for tooth replacement. Additionally, resin-retained bridges look natural and can be designed to match the color of the neighboring teeth.

The primary advantage of resin-retained bridges over fixed bridges is that they require minimally invasive procedures and involve little to no preparation. These bridges offer function and esthetic benefits. Replacing a single missing tooth with a resin-retained bridge can restore your confidence and improve your appearance. However, these bridges do require proper oral hygiene maintenance to last for a long time.

Another advantage of a resin-retained bridge over fixed bridges is that they feel and function like regular teeth. A resin-retained bridge attaches to two neighboring teeth on either side of the missing tooth, relying on a composite resin cement to secure the bridge in place. This type of bridge can be less expensive than an implant, and in some cases, it may be the most suitable option for you.

Full mouth implants are the most cost-effective option

There are several benefits of full mouth implants. The procedure requires very little maintenance and prevents jawbone loss. In addition, implants do not alter adjacent teeth and can be placed in as little as one day. However, full mouth implants are more expensive than individual implants, and the procedure will likely require additional procedures such as bone grafting. This can make the entire procedure more expensive but may be the preferred option for you based on the other options outlined in this article.

The costs of dental implants vary widely, and cannot be predicted in advance. Implant fees are based on the type and complexity of work required. Some factors can affect the final cost, such as whether a CT scan is needed or if a bone graft will be necessary. The cost also varies depending on where the practitioner is located. Practitioners in larger metropolitan areas tend to charge more.

Dentures: Another Conventional Tooth Replacement Solution

This is a temporary tooth replacement method that can cost a few hundred dollars or less. They have several advantages: they are affordable, comfortable, and can mimic the look of your natural gums. However, they must be removed to clean regularly, as well as overnight for sleeping so that your gums can recover. Additionally, they must be re-based or re-made as your mouth structure continues to change with age. Eventually, they can become loose and make chewing difficult.

Dentures are the most affordable tooth replacement option because they can be made quickly and without a dental crown or surgery. Your Sarnia dentist will take an impression of your mouth and send it to a dental lab. A few weeks later, your dentures will be ready to be fitted. Dentures can be used to replace one or several teeth. They can also be used to replace the entire mouth. They are an affordable tooth replacement option for missing teeth.

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