Did you know that not all dentists prefer to see children at their practice? It is best to look for a dental clinic that emphasizes family dentistry.

Many dentists will refer your children to a paediatric dental practice until they are much older. We recommend your child see a general dentist as soon as their first tooth develops for an oral check-up.


The location of your family dental clinic is a crucial aspect when looking for the right one for you. You would probably prefer a clinic that is close to your home or nearby your work or children’s school. This means that making it to your appointments will not be such a hassle. Not only that but in a dental emergency, you will be able to get to your dental clinic on time.


Young children are highly impressionable. This means that making their first experience at the dentist a positive one is of utmost importance. Many children who have bad early experiences at the dentist develop dental anxieties and phobias. You will want to go to a family dentist who makes your child feel safe and is able to work with your child at their own pace. This will lower your child’s anxiety about being at the dentist and feel comfortable in a dental environment.

Credible Reputation

These days, you can look up reviews for almost anything. Dental clinics are certainly no exception. You can use the internet to look up reviews, or even ask your family, friends or people in your neighbourhood for their recommendations. If you hear about the same dental clinic from multiple people, then that is a good indication you should check it out.

Preventative Services

Prevention is important when it comes to your child’s oral health. Dental check-ups at an early age will allow for your dentist to monitor your child’s oral health status right from the beginning. Having a family dentist available for you and your children is important in reducing the risk of tooth injuries and tooth decay. This will set up a great foundation for healthy teeth for the rest of their lives.

Special Needs

Special needs dentistry requires understanding from your potential dentist. Your little one might struggle with a specific medical condition, sensory issue, behavioural need, or other things. You should prioritize communicating this with your dental team so that they can provide the best care for your child. Always ask your dental office if they treat children with specific conditions and find out if they are prepared and equipped to give your family the attention you deserve.

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