Braces and Invisalign ® are two of the more common orthodontic treatments used by professional dentists to straighten the teeth of their patients. These orthodontic devices help remedy positioning of the teeth and promote proper function. Many patients have questions when choosing which treatment is the right option for them.

Here are some key differences between braces and Invisalign ® :

Invisalign ®

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Invisalign ® became available to oral health practitioners and their patients in 2000. Just like braces, Invisalign ® is a device used to shift teeth back into better positions, alleviating crowding and making teeth “straighter.” It is made of smooth, BPA-free clear plastic. The trays are computer-generated to fit each individual’s mouth and are worn over the teeth almost 24 hours a day. Each tray needs to be changed every 2 weeks, just like braces have to be occasionally adjusted.

Metal Braces

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Braces consist of metal brackets that run along a wire that is tightened to encourage teeth to move to a desired place. An orthodontist fastens brackets by bonding them to the teeth of the patient connecting them with an “arch wire” Unlike Invisalign ® , which is designed to be invisible, dental braces come in different designs and colours.

Advantages to Invisalign ®

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● No Adjustment Needed – Patients wearing Invisalign ® do not have to worry about the device becoming loose. Invisalign ® trays are removable and custom made to fit patients’ teeth. There is no adjustment needed during dental appointments, though the trays do need to be exchanged every few weeks.
● No Food and Drink Restriction – Invisalign ® can be removed anytime to allow you to eat and enjoy all types of food and drinks. With braces, patients have to be vigilant about food particles getting caught between wires.
● Hardly noticeable – Invisalign ® is designed to be virtually unnoticeable. While the coloured bands of dental braces can a fun fashion statement, some older patients prefer a less-bold appearance with their dental gear.
● Comfort – Invisalign ® is made of soft, smooth plastic trays that are comfortable to wear. Traditional wire braces can snag in the mouth, cut cheeks and lip, and be somewhat painful.
● Easy to Clean – Dental braces are wired onto teeth and can be more difficult to clean. Since Invisalign ® is removable, it allows you to clean your teeth more easily.

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