Having a dentist who stays up to date when it comes to techniques and technology is important. It means that not only is their technology up to date but so are their health and safety standards. These new-age techniques are designed to provide more efficient and safer treatment options. At Riverview Family Dental, we showcase our services and technology with pride, here are a few of the highlights.


Having perfect teeth is a very common goal for many people. Braces are a great treatment option to consider when trying to correct an imperfect smile. With that being said, not everyone is eager about getting traditional braces. Invisalign ® is a great option to help reach your smile goals without being extremely noticeable to those around you. Invisalign ® can be used to correct overcrowding, corked smiles, overbites, underbites, crossbites and so much more. To learn more about Invisalign ® and what it can do for you, call us today and book a free consultation. We’d love to layout your treatment and financial options for free.


Riverview Family Dental uses VELscope to screen for tissue abnormalities in the gums, tongue, along with other areas of your mouth. This is a way to screen for cancer and precancerous signs and symptoms. Our process is non-invasive and completely pain-free. Call and book an appointment if you have any concerns about your new or worsening mouth abnormalities.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Part of our new-age techniques is offering a variety of cosmetic dentistry services. We are here to offer services such as teeth whitening, veneer installation, and fillings to match your natural tooth colour. Our whitening process uses ZOOM! Whitening technology to painlessly whiten teeth up to ten shades lighter. Call Riverview Family Dental to set up your next whitening appointment or to find out which options best suit your needs.

Fearless Dentistry

At Riverview Family Dental, we strive to make coming to the dentist something you are excited about, rather than an outing that you dread! That is why our techniques aim to be less invasive to reduce any discomfort.

Sarnia dentist at Riverview Family Dental is always looking to enhance and improve our techniques; we consistently stay up to date with our professionals and always love to hear your feedback! With comprehensive services available to all age ranges, feel free to give us a call to schedule a New Patient Exam + Cleaning or Free Consultation for a major treatment (dental crowns or bridges, dental implants, Invisalign ®, etc).