Invisalign ® is a popular alternative for teeth straightening, and with good reason. Here are some benefits you’ll experience by choosing Invisalign ® over “track braces:”

  1. Oral hygiene might be a hassle while wearing braces. It takes extra care and time to clean a mouth full of braces. This is not the case with Invisalign. The trays can be removed and both teeth and trays can be cleaned using an ordinary toothbrush.
  1. With braces, in most cases, the patient will visit the dentist every couple of months to monitor progress and tighten the wires. If any damage occurs to the braces, appointments will be more necessary. With Invisalign, you only need to see the orthodontist every six months.
  1. Braces can require a number of food restrictions and prevent a person from eating healthier foods (like broccoli). With Invisalign ® you can remove the trays before you eat and enjoy crunchy veggies without worrying about them getting stuck in your teeth.
  1. Since it is made out of a special plastic, Invisalign ® tends to be more comfortable in the mouth, compared to metal braces. Many Invisalign ® wearers say after a short time they hardly notice it.

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