Many of us want to have beautiful teeth, but foods we eat and prescription medications can interfere with our smile. There are many reasons teeth become dull, discoloured, and in need of special care and treatment.

Food and Drink

Some of the common foods and drinks we consume stain our teeth. Coffee, tea, colas, wines (and even certain fruits and vegetables) can darken teeth.


Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe smoking, and other habits discolour teeth and affect our lungs, hearts, and circulation. Regular teeth cleanings can keep teeth whiter, but only giving up tobacco use will improve general health.


Enamel disease can affect the hard surface of teeth. Tooth discolouration is a symptom of disease, but only a professional dentist can detect this problem.

Medication and Radiation

Radiation, chemotherapy and other medical treatments can cause tooth discolouration. The antibiotics Tetracycline and Doxycycline can cause tooth discolouration for young children. Children’s teeth are still developing and growing until the age of eight (8) or more years. Other commonly taken medications like Benadryl, antihistamines, and antihypertensive medications are also known to discolour teeth.

Aging, Genetics, and Fluoride

As people age, the outer layer of tooth enamel begins to show wear and the lower layers of the teeth may reveal a yellowish tinge. Genetics may help some individuals have whiter or thicker teeth. Fluoride in drinking water is good for teeth, but too much can discolour them.

Trauma, Tooth Decay, and Dead Teeth

A fall that breaks a tooth could cause it to die and turn brown. Tooth decay also changes tooth colour.

Regular dental checkups, teeth cleaning, and proper maintenance will help protect your smile and keep the rest of your body healthy. Care for yourself and your family by calling Riverview Family Dentistry in Corunna, Ontario. We’ll handle everything from baby to permanent teeth. (519) 813-9090