Tooth enamel is not something that can be replaced but it is something that you can take measures to avoid losing. Enamel is important; it is the the thin outer covering of each tooth. Despite its size, it’s actually the strongest tissue on the body. Even so, it’s not impervious to damage.

What Causes Enamel Loss?

Enamel on our teeth is lost when acid wears it away over time. This is why many dentists recommend limited or no soda consumption, since the hard acids found in carbonated drinks can cause rapid dental erosion. Other causes of enamel loss include consuming fruit drinks that are also high in acid and eating high sugar candy. Basically, anything (with acidic or sugary aspects) that is consumed in excess can potentially wear down enamel and cause tooth complications and/or weakness. Another cause of enamel loss could be genetics, use of certain medications, and environmental factors, such as stress.

Fluoride Is Your Friend

While it’s become more popular lately to try out “all natural” remedies for your teeth’s health, choosing a daily toothpaste that does not have fluoride can be a huge mistake. Fluoride helps to rebuild weakened tooth enamel and may also reverse earlier signs of tooth decay. While you’re shopping for your next tube of paste, keep an eye out for the Canadian Dental Association’s Seal.

Improve Your Diet

People tend to go on “diets” for weight loss or better health. Simply having an everyday diet of whole grains and crunchy vegetables might improve the quality of your teeth. The food you eat can help improve your smile. Ask your dentist what foods they recommend for oral (and overall) health.

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