When a decayed tooth does not get immediate dental treatment, it can lead to tooth loss. A missing tooth also can change the structure of your face and pose various health challenges, especially at the site of the gap:

● Chewing becomes difficult
● Talking is challenging
● Surrounding teeth might drift out of position
Jawbone deterioration may occur
● Facial features might become distorted

To prevent these problems, restorative dentistry can come to the rescue. By fixing cavities and filling in gaps from lost teeth, you can stop dental problems from compounding. Here are some options to improve your oral health:


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When teeth develop cavities, see the dentist for immediate treatment. The dentist will remove the decayed portion with a tiny, painless drill. They’ll then place dental material (such as amalgam or composite resin) in layers to cover the hole and restore the structure of the tooth. The best part about this treatment is the tooth is cleaned out and filled fairly quickly. Within hours, you will properly chew without pain or worry.


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Dealing with teeth gaps is a challenge. Fortunately, removable dental appliances such as dentures can remedy this issue. After your dental health provider has successfully fit you with a set of dentures, food restrictions or speaking problems will be a thing of the past.


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This dental appliance is anchored by at least two crowns. The natural teeth (or implants) found on both sides of the gap are called “abutment teeth.” First, they are prepared to receive a crown (which is placed over them). A false tooth used in bridge restoration is called a “dummy tooth” or “pontic.” The bridge fills the gap left by one or more missing teeth and restores normal mouth function. A few visits to the clinic may be needed in order to achieve the best fit.

Restorative options are designed to give you a perfect fit and a beautiful smile. Talk to us to deal with cavities or missing teeth today. Our professional team at Riverview Family Dental are ready to help and make your visit as comfortable as possible. Call us at (519) 813-9090.