Choosing a family dentist who can accommodate all of a family’s dental needs is a crucial decision. The right dentist can be your partner in promoting and ensuring good oral health for the entire family. A family dental practitioner is not limited to a specific age group or certain services. Family dentistry is designed to provide family members of all ages with quality dental care.

Here are some great reasons why everyone needs a good dentist:

  • Trust – Not all people, especially children, like the thought of having a stranger examine them. Having someone with whom your family is familiar makes every dental checkup a less anxious experience. Children who have watched their parents’ teeth cleaned have greater trust for the dentist when it’s their turn to visit.
  • Convenience – Another advantage of having only one dentist is that it saves time, especially during routine dental checkups for several family members. This can also give a dental health care provider the chance to get to know the family dental history and better understand individual needs.
  • Wide Range of Services- A family dentist provides dental services like regular cleanings, teeth whitening, and X-rays, in addition to treating more major issues like root canal. The family dentist can fit full or partial dentures or dental implants — while being able to design dental braces or Invisalign for patients of all ages.
  • Better Communication – Having a single dentist makes monitoring dental health needs of the whole family easier. There is no need to run around town to get both childhood oral health care and adolescent orthodontics. This makes communication simpler when you and your family only needs to deal with one single dental office for health insurance claims and making appointments.
  • Builds Strong Dentist-Patient Relationships – Building a solid foundation of trust and friendship with a dental clinic team can establish a strong dentist-patient relationship. The longer your family sees the same dental team, the more everyone feels comfortable. When trust and confidence are well-established, potential problems can be caught earlier and better lines of communication are created.
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Family dental care ought to be a positive experience for your loved ones. If you are looking for a compassionate family dentist who provides a variety of dental services in Corunna, please call Riverview Family Dental at (519) 813-9090.