The holiday season is, for many, a happy time of year to exchange gifts and share sugary snacks with family and friends. Holiday get-togethers encourage us to enjoy sumptuous meals, drink cider, soda, and alcoholic beverages, and indulge more than we usually do. Most of us know the damaging effect this indulgence can have on teeth. The holidays may be a busy time, but it’s imperative that the “hustle and bustle” doesn’t disrupt our day-to-day dental routine.

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Read on to learn how to protect teeth and preserve your best smile for the holiday season:

  • Alcoholic drinks have high acid content that eats tooth enamel. If you drink this type of beverage during the winter holidays, avoid swishing it in your mouth and drink water between each cocktail to rinse acid and reduce the risk of tooth damage.
  • Holiday goodies like candies, chocolates, and cookies can be tempting. Sugars increase the potential for bacteria growth that causes tooth decay. If you are too busy to brush or floss your teeth after enjoying sweet treats, drink water to wash away bacteria and/or chew sugarless gum to increase saliva production.
  • Some people spend a great deal of time away from home while running errands and preparing for the holidays. Keeping a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss handy allows you to brush teeth while “on the go.”
  • Eating in moderation is valuable — not just for your waistline. You can celebrate with food and drink you love, but remember you can have too much of a good thing and increase the likelihood of tooth decay.
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Busy holiday time is not an excuse for neglecting oral health. Keep your teeth healthy and your smile radiant all winter. Keep regular appointments for dental cleanings and checkups.

To protect your family’s oral health during the holidays, please call Riverview Family Dental at (519) 813-9090 and learn more about our wide selection of dental services and care.