To preserve your natural teeth and prevent future complications or tooth loss, root canal “therapy” or endodontic treatment may be necessary. When you experience severe pain from bacterial infection, saving the tooth is possible. Endodontics deals with the treatment of the inner portion of a bad tooth to save its natural structure, thereby keeping the tooth intact.

When Treatment Might Be Needed

There are the obvious signs when someone needs a root canal. If you’re complaining of one or more of these symptoms, your tooth requires immediate dental attention:

● Cavity
Severe tooth pain
● Gum Swelling
● Oozing Pus (a thick, yellowish fluid)
● Tooth Injury
● Darkening of the Tooth

Root Canal Therapy Overview

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When bacteria reaches the tissue inside your tooth, it must be removed. If not immediately treated, decay can develop and spread, putting you at higher risk of losing teeth.

Root canal prevents further tooth infection by removing decayed contents from the tooth down into the root structure. The dentist then disinfects the inner space and fills the cavity with special sealant to close the opening and protect the tooth from future infection, ultimately keeping the natural structure and function intact.

Tooth Structure

The visible part of the tooth (the crown) houses the pulp chamber. Inside this chamber nerves and connective tissue are located. This area is then connected to a canal found in each root. If an infected tooth has two or three roots (and decay in those roots), the endodontist skilfully locates and cleans each canal space to ensure the tooth is free from infection.

When molars or bicuspids undergo root canal treatment, a dental crown will likely be installed to protect tooth enamel from chipping due to the heavy pressure of chewing.

Post-Therapy Recovery

To promote faster healing, follow your dentist’s post-root canal advice:

● Avoid chewing on the side of the treated tooth.
● Gently brush and floss consistently (at least 2x/day).
● Rinse the mouth with healing salt water.


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Why Extraction Is to Be Avoided

Taking out a tooth may be the quickest way to ease pain. However, doing so leaves a gap that provides opportunity for more complications to arise.

● Surrounding teeth may drift out of alignment
● Jawbone may deteriorate
● Chewing and speaking become difficult
● Facial bone structure is altered
● Improper bite develops

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Root canal therapy is recommended for its success rate in saving the affected tooth and jawbone and relieving pain. Seek professional care from our endodontists at Riverview Family Dental. You can rely on expert treatment you and your family deserve. Call us today at (519) 813-9090.